Family Friendly WiFi

Kid friendly, Safe searching, Simple to use

Keeping our kids safe online is an increasingly important part of our role as parents and carers.

We worry that our children may see or hear something that they shouldn’t while online.

But it can be tricky to set up at home, especially if you don’t know where to start.

It shouldn’t be difficult, in fact it should be almost as simple as flicking a switch.

The Frith box adds a separate kids network on top your existing providers network.
The kids network filters out inappropriate content online and gives you the power to schedule the amount of time your children use the Wi-Fi leaving your existing network free for the adults, so you have the freedom to carry on with what you need to do online without compromise or interruption.

Lets keep our kids safe online together

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Do I need to install an App on all my kids devices?

No you dont, the kids devices that are connected to the frith kids network will automatically be filtered and scheduled (if set up).

“Is the kids network secure?”

Yes the kids network is password protected the same as your current providers network and the kids password is easily changed through the Frith portal.

“My kids already have the password for my current network, can I change it?”

We suggest that you change your password for your current network when you set up your Frith box, but don’t worry, we can help you access your current network to change the password.

“I don’t have children, could this be used for vulnerable adults in my household?”

Absolutely, the Frith box can be used for anyone who could be affected by inappropriate content online.

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